Word of mouth recommendations has provided Michael Herbert with a wealth of work over the last twelve years. Often it involves working with private clients to interpret their needs and create ‘ideas’ – function and form – using a wide knowledge of material (solid hardwoods, softwoods, veneer, metal, plastic, glass, etc). These become 3D hand drawings or CAD (computer aided design) drawings, from which he makes construction drawings.

On other occasions, designers/architects supply construction drawings. A degree of adaptability is essential, both in the differing ‘pro-forma’ stages and the hugely diverse use of materials and aesthetics. All projects are approached with care, finish and an attention to detail.

Michael has developed an interest in more quirky, cutting edge design projects, which inspire him through the challenge. While not always so profitable, they are hugely rewarding.

However, he has also done his fair share of wardrobes, bookcases, beds, tables, dressers, chairs, workstations and alcoves, both free-standing and fitted.

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